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from a semester at the Pantheon Institute, in Rome, Italy.

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This weekend is, 4168 miles away, Connecticut College’s Fall Weekend/Parent’s Weekend. It’s an especially big deal this year because of the College’s Centennial. I’m particularly sad to not be in attendance because I’ve been pretty involved with the Centennial events and planning, especially relating to the new Founder’s Day tradition. 

Still, I was thrilled to get an email asking to send some thoughts from abroad, with the prompt about our “Great Beginning” moment, as that’s the Centennial theme. The video, to my understanding, was originally set for inclusion in Saturday’s “Big Event,” but my video was put online and used early, to generate excitement. 

A few days later, videos my my friends Alexandra and Andrew were also added. 

So, out of context, it sounds a little strange and perhaps pretentious, but here’s my video, filmed by my friend as we stood on a hill overlooking the Colosseum.

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